Sunday 23 November 2014

A massive update for the Fusion Furnace

The Fusion Furness/Power generator has had a massive overhaul . New lighting, new stand plus updated internals. New digital lightweight 24v 5 amp charger and the same 2/4 amp 12v charger. 
I have added a couple of cosmetic antennas and a new top section made from an old computer heat sink. It i much easier to move around now as it is much, much lighter. 

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Fusion Generator Photo build log

I needed to build a Droid Fusion Furnace fairly quickly for an upcoming event and this is what i produced. it is a fully working charging system, charging both 12 and 24v systems. It has an onboard 12v battery system so can power things at events where we have no mains power. It is able to link up to my solar charger and charge the internal battery via solar power. I have still got to add a few bits and bobs to it making it look a bit more weathered plus I think I need more flashing blue LED's to give it a more active look.
The unit is made from MDF and painted with textured floor paint to give it the look I wanted.